students attending an online learning session with laptops

Autumn School 2023

Autumn School workshops for the doctoral candidates of Meta-Active
students attending an online learning session with laptops
Image: Freepik / IRTG Meta-Active

From 18. to 27. October 2023, Meta-Active organised an Autumn School for first-year doctoral candidates to assist and seamlessly induct them in their reseach study. The workshops conducted by various esteemed trainers who tackled various spheres of issues faced by early-career researchers. Apart from training in soft skills, the program was also complemented by an Intercultural Escape Room to promote collaboration among the participants.

A comprehensive list of workshops organised for the paticipants of Autumn School 2023:

  1. Intercultural Escape Game
  2. Presentation Skills by Dr. Philipp Gramlich
  3. Time and Project Management by Dr. Alexander Egeling
  4. Academic Writing by Lorraine Marrion
  5. Streamline your PhD career by Rosmarie Katrin Neumann

The program can be found here: Program Meta-Active Summer Schoolpdf, 604 kb · de.