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International Research Training Group (IRTG) Meta-Active

Bridging Continents for Advanced Research

Welcome to Meta-Active! This collaborative initiative brings together the expertise of the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) in Jena, Germany, and the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia.

The German segment of the IRTG 2675 is generously funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), supporting our commitment to advancing cutting-edge research and fostering international collaboration.

A Collaborative Scientific Network

Meta-Active stands as a dynamic scientific network, comprising of numerous senior scientists and their dedicated doctoral students. These scholars delve into individual projects aligned with the overarching topical scope of META-ACTIVE. Beyond their research pursuits, doctoral students also undergo tailored education, participating in specialized courses and lectures. This comprehensive approach extends to honing core academic skills, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for success in academia.

Schematic picture of optical metasurfaces with the functions of generating, programming and detecting light
Image: Isabelle Staude
Two-dimensional arrangements of designed nanoscale building blocks that offer exquisite control over the properties of light fields. Meta-Active's mission is to pioneer research in active metasurfaces.
Meta-Active members at the annual meeting 2023
Image: IRTG Meta-Active
Together with our partners at the ANU, we are a team of over 60 researchers. Currently, in Jena we are 13 senior scientists, 4 postdocs, and 16 doctoral candidates who investigate active metasurfaces.


PhD students Paul Herrmann (left) and Sebastian Klimmer at a laser test setup.
Spotlight on joint project with our PhD candidatede
Read more about the work of our doctoral candidate Sebastian Klimmer which was highlighted be the Uni Jena News team (only German).

News in Meta-Active

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More than ten researchers from the Jena Meta-Active team travel to the annual TMOS conference.
Advertisement of the Meta together conference
Image: TMOS
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The members of Meta-Active will meet in September 2024 in Jena
Audience of Meta-Active Annual Meeting in lecture hall
Image: IRTG Meta-Active
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6 new doctoral students in Jena
group picture of the Meta-Active doctoral candidates with speaker Prof. Staude and coordinator
Image: Anna Späthe

Dual-Degree Programme with ANU Canberra

Our doctoral candidates have the option to pursue a dual degree, combining Meta-Active's academic strengths at the Friedrich Schiller University with the research environment at the Australian National University. During this program, candidates spend a minimum of twelve months working alongside their Australian supervisor, engaging in advanced research. 

While spending an extended period abroad presents challenges, it also provides a unique opportunity for personal and academic development. This experience offers more than just formal education—it shapes researchers with a global perspective and a broad network.

The dual-degree program of Meta-Active is designed to offer a practical exploration of international collaboration, providing candidates with the tools to navigate a global research landscape.

Postcards from our doctoral candidates down under

We are encouraging our travelling doctoral students to share their impressions of their long time abroad with the team. Find some digital postcards below!

digital postcard
Greetings from Min
digitak postcard
Greetings from Sebastian
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